Fun on the Fiddle
A New Exciting Violin Group for Adult Beginners
Why not learn to play the violin in a friendly group environment St Andrew’s Church Centre Dibden Purlieu Friday Afternoons Instruments Supplied.
For more details and to reserve your place Tel: 0773 308 5290
Happy Community Music’Making

Violin and Trumpet Lessons 
for Sutton Scotney
Local Professional Teacher
Beginners of all ages Welcome
All lessons are home visits Southampton, Winchester, New Forest Areas. Instruments available to rent Telephone 0773 308 5290

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If the Pension in your divorce was under-valued you will have lost thousands of pounds. Divorce Lifeline check this for you at no cost - and if you have a claim it DOES NOT involve your former spouse at all.
Obtaining a divorce can be straightforward if both parties agree that the marriage is over. However, difficulties can arise in resolving how and when to separate, where to live, and the arrangements for children and finances.

The only grounds for divorce are that your marriage has irretrievably broken down and one of five 'facts' must be proved:

(2)unreasonable behaviour
(3)desertion for at least two years
(4)separation for at least two years with consent
(5)separation for over five years (consent not required)

If one of the five facts applies, what happens next?
It is often sensible to try to obtain your partner's consent to the divorce and try to reach agreement over the contents of the petition. Only a brief outline of circumstances needs to be given at this stage.

What about the children?
A form is also sent to the court with the divorce petition which will outline the arrangements for your children. The law encourages couples to try to agree those arrangements. Divorce proceedings still continue if no agreement is reached.

How long does the divorce process take?
The divorce takes approximately four-six months although the Decree Absolute is often not obtained until the finances are resolved. This may be much later.

Click for the procedure to issue divorce proceedings.

(All information courtesy of Blake Lapthorn Tarlo Lyons)

Advicenow is an independent, not-for-profit website providing accurate, up-to-date information on many rights and legal issues including divorce
Armchair Advice includes tools to assess the strength of your relationship; guidance and practical strategies to help you improve it; financial, emotional advice and divorce law, if you decide to end your relationship or marriage; and helpful tips on starting afresh.
Help and Advice for all aspects of everyday life - money, health, education, legal system: anything you might need extra help with whilst going through a divorce.
Advice re. relationship breakdown and your children, solicitors, courts, child’s welfare during court proceedings and getting a divorce
An independent group of professionals providing divorce advice, support and information.

Started in 1999, Divorce Aid now helps thousands of people across the UK and internationally every week.
Their motto is: 'Whatever your situation and wherever you are, we hope to provide divorce advice, support and information on any matter concerning you.'
The welfare of any child involved is paramount and they promote mediation and counselling as well as good, professional legal advice. They also promote collaborative family law as a new dignified approach to divorce.
Full of information and useful advice and links – set up by a divorced accountant who did a lot of research and has found information and internet sites that helped him.
If you are going through a divorce and you and your ex-spouse are looking at dividing up your assets, the Court is required to take your pension rights into account.