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Local Restaurants & Places to Eat around Sutton Scotney

Loch Fyne Seafood & Grill Restaurant

18 Jewry St, Winchester SO23 8RZ, UK – 01962 872930

Very nice quality food and service - value for money too. A really pleasant & refreshing experience - contrary to the majority of our visits to restaurants(and over-priced pubs) of late. Recommended.

Good service and even better food. If you love seafood then this restaurant won't disappoint. Changing specials and a Fyne à la carte menu. Scallops come recommended!


16 Jewry St, Winchester SO23 8RZ, UK – 01962 864256

Excellent place to come to when in Winchester. This is the fourth year we visit this restaurant. Good food

Outstanding service - very friendly staff Surprisingly tasty vegan and GF food (vegan cheese!)

Brasserie Blanc - Winchester

19/20 Jewry St, Winchester SO23 8RZ, UK – 01962 810870

I had been looking forward to finally trying this place in Winchester as it looks like a high end restaurant. I am experienced in working in high end restaurants previously so I was hoping to receive a certain level of service. We are met nice enough and shown to our place yet the attendant seemed more interested in repositioning the cloak stand than actually taking our coats. The atmosphere was nice and perhaps a little warm to some but pleasant for us. The table left very little room to move as if your elbows moved off to the side you would collide with waiters passing by. We mentioned about the half price voucher and the attended rudely said "I thought so!" He read the specials as if they were a pop up advert, no connection to what we might like just slide in "here's the specials" and away it went. He recommended the specials because they came with a side yet what I was given was seriously lacking in comparison to other dishes. He advised my partner to have sides with her meal as he described "It comes with tiny vegetables" however this was adequate and it seemed he was trying to hard to up sell sides. At no point did our waiter check on our starter or our main. The starters were nice but these were not delivered by the same waiter nor cleared. It seemed like he just popped up to try and be "funny" with the customers and left. When he did ask at the end of the meal, did you enjoy everything, personally, not as much if you would have asked. Nor was this an open question. He immediately asks about desert. Give us 5 minutes, geez! I am typically British and do not wish to embarrass my partner nor others enjoying their meal out yet there is definite room for improvement. Take coats, ask how our day was or what brings you to us this evening etc. Pour or offer to top up our wine. Add some personal flair to your presentation not just the same jazz you do to everyone else. Try to make each party feel special. Overall, adequately nice food but the presentation and pushy up sales left a bitter taste. Food for thought.

Excellent place for lunch with friends. Had 2 courses from set menu (you do get a choice) and good quantity of food for lunchtime. Services great and attentive and more importantly food was delicious. Will definitely return!